What are backlit LED Sheets?
What are StoneGlow™ LED sheets?

StoneGlow™ LED sheets are a flexible and even lighting solution...

Home Theater Ideas
Home Theater Ideas

epiXsky star ceilings are a better home theater idea for your space than the best glow in the dark stars!

EpiX Hub
EpiX Hub

Provides instant network-enabling at its best, delivering advanced technology that is one of a kind.

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Epix Acoustic Star Panels
Epix Acoustic Star Panels

State of the art modular star panel systems that create the most realistic night sky effects while providing acoustical value to your space.

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Welcome to epiXsky.


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We manufacture fiber optic Acoustic Star Ceiling Panels and more.

The possibilities to create your own Universe are endless!
Let us help you create your own starry sky or show you how to do it yourself!

We make fiber optic plug-and-play, drop in star ceiling panels or tiles and manufacture acoustic panels for a variety of industries. Orlando Theme Parks, Home Theaters, Music Production Studios, Yoga Studios, Hospital & Healthcare Infusion rooms, Hotels, Car Showrooms, Restaurant, Vacation Theme Rooms, Casinos, Dance Clubs, Public Sculptures, Hookah Lounges, and more!
epiXsky’s manufacturing facility is located in sunny Orlando, FL USA

Home Theaters, Music Studios, Hotels and much more!

Check out our portfolio of LED projects below.

drop in star ceiling panels with blue led light strips around the perimeter dickson hospital radiation room
Healthcare Lighting
hotel scene with people at a bar with an epixsky star ceiling at statler hotel.
Statler Hotel Star Ceiling Panels
blue home theater led lighting with movie showing on the wall with a guy in a black suit also showing star ceilings
Elite Home Theater star ceilings
hexagon shaped acrylic tile eq wall blue and black with pink lines led lighting a plank in the room
AYO LED Music Studio EQ Wall
Luxury Car Showroom - Drop In Star Ceiling
home theater wall with column lights and led star ceiling and yellow halo lighting move seats facing forward
Cutting Edge Home Theater

EpiXsky provides acoustical solutions on a global scale, contact Rick for all Canadian star ceiling panel requests. In the US contact Summer or Rich for more info and sales. We design and feature premium lighted acoustic panels along with regular high quality studio acoustical panels and walls for music production studios, home theater rooms and for many other spaces and environments. We have the knowledge and experience of more than 18 years to help you solve your acoustic problems. The EpiXsky team can help you sound proof any noisy room.
You’re getting a local team with products made here in the USA and manufactured with the highest quality and technology in the world! Because EpiXsky has been in business for over 18 years we can offer you the lowest prices around! Call us or email to get a quote, you’ll see we have the most competitive prices. Sign up to be a dealer, perhaps you own an audio video business? We offer dealer pricing discounts for large quantities.